futon mattress

The futon mattress has only advantages over the production mattresses. First of all it is handmade, made of natural materials. It does not contain toxic substances, such as glues like all other the mattresses or metal parts (springs) that harm our body and organism. .

As a mattress, it does not work like conventional mattresses, "pushing" our body back, but instead, natural cotton adapts to the shape and curves of the human body and supports our spine along its entire length. The body does not bend and so we sleep much better.

In us you will find single, semi-double, double, extra double mattresses futon mattresses made of cotton. Accepted and special constructions to your measurements in many colors.

That is why futons are the right solution for people with problems in the spine or even for overweight, since the simple layers "sink" and do not offer proper support.

They offer better temperature regulation, thanks to their natural materials and their ventilation (cotton). Do not "burn" in summer - do not "freeze" in winter. Do not sweat lying on the nylon materials, like the rest.

The original futon mattresses do not contain harmful or chemical substances (eg glues, like the rest). They are completely ecological and biodegradable, ie Healthy, Anatomical and Ecological! Their cover is 100% cotton. Sleep Naturally!

Φροντίδα / Use:

Cotton, as a natural material, has the property of being able to be compressed. To restore it to its original state, we "roll" it - "wrap" it in all directions at regular intervals.

Do not clean the mattress with water, Do not wash it.

Change sides of the mattress to return it to its shape.

Leave your futon mattress regularly , without covers, to ventilate naturally.

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