Folding Tatami 80 Χ 200.Χειροποίητο, παραδοσιακό Ιαπωνικό, πτυσσόμενο tatami για πολλές χρήσεις, όπως φιλοξενία επισκεπτών σας, ταξίδι, γυμναστήριο κτλ.Η τέλεια λύση με φυσικά υλικά και τη γνώση αιώνων.Με ειδική θήκημεταφοράς για περισσότερη ευκολία! (Περιλαμβάνεται στην τιμή).

Tatami regularly vacuumed. The movement of the brush vacuum cleaner should be done along the bulrushes (from heri to heri ), so as not to damage the surface (soon you notice the correct method in the first vacuum tatami).

After vacuuming it is good to wipe the tatami with a slightly damp cloth. As with vacuuming - correct direction of motion is along the bulrushes. Cleaning with a slightly damp cloth has a positive effect on the color, smell and strength tatami.

If staining the tatami will use clean water to remove stains. Alternatively there may be a natural soap. Do not dry tatami hair, but let it dry naturally.

The best tool to clean the tatami is an old worn towel.

How to store tatami, when not in use:

Tatami can be stored in its original packaging in a dry shady place with good ventilation. Please make sure that the tatami is dry before putting it into the package.

Tatami can be stored vertically on the long side, but please make sure that it is pointing straight ahead to avoid bending. They can also be laid flat on the ground, forming a stack with a number of tatami, if necessary.


Never walk on the tatami in footwear. Its surface can thus quickly be damaged. In addition, it is inconsistent with the Japanese tradition.

Please do not place any heavy furniture on the tatami, especially those that have a strong emphasis on small area, such as the foot of the bed.

Slip on the tatami can cause scratches or jam. Please keep this in mind, especially in the case of children playing on the tatami. Basically, the surface is completely safe in Japan usually like her does not cover. If, however, you will feel such a need - it is best to use this natural blankets or carpets.

Folding Tatami 80Χ200


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