Bebop coffee table / τραπεζάκι σαλονιού

Bebop / τραπεζάκι σαλονιού.Από μασίφ ξύλο FSC για σεβασμό στο περιβάλλον.Ενα λιτό τραπέζι που συνδυάζεται άριστα με πολλά στυλ καναπέ.

  • Σε 5 αποχρώσεις βαφής νερού: Natural / Black / Cool Gray / .
  • Διάσταση 35Χ50Χ90 εκ.



One of the hallmarks of Bebop jazz was the ability to improvise, and that's exactly what this fine piece of furniture allows you to do. With both arms up, it's an attractive and cozy loveseat for two people to snuggle in. A quick release of one of the side arms turns the Bebop into a lounge chair reminiscent of 18th-century fainting couches; it's the perfect place to recline while reading a book. Lower the other arm and you get a cushy bed that's ideal for napping and dreaming. It's like getting three pieces of furniture in one hip package! This is the Matching table for it!!

Linen Sand Gray

Twist Granite

Faunal Black

Mixed Dance Blue

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