Tatami mats

The traditional Japanese Tatami mats! Made by hand, one by one, in the classic way and the environmentally friendly materials. Place them on a bed, as a base (ideally in one of our Japanese beds ...) or directly at floor, like many Japanese for hundreds of years. Rice fibers, with proper processing create the ideal substrate for a natural and restful sleep for you or your guests! The right supplement for futon beds.

Tatami care:

With a few basic rules you will enjoy your tatami for many years.

The fibers are completely natural material. When the tatami is new, there may be some small amount of microfiber from the rods, just vacuum it. This is because it is new.

It can have a "strong" aroma like wet grass. And this after a while disappears and is due to the fact that it is a completely natural product.

It should not be exposed to very high temperatures, very strong underfloor heating or direct exposure to the sun. Too much heat will "dry" it and in the long run will destroy its materials.

Color change to "yellow" is normal over time.

Tatami likes ventilation!

For cleaning, use your vacuum cleaner, along the grass. Then, with a damp cloth, wipe again, along the grass. If additional cleaning is needed, use natural soap and let it dry naturally.

Store them in a dry place.

NEVER walk in tatami shoes. You will destroy it. After all, no Japanese would ever have his shoes in the house!